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Wastewater Gardens

Wastewater Gardens® is a comprehensive ecological wastewater cleaning and recycling system. It uses natural processes existing in nature. Thus, it is reliable since it does not require human intervention to work well. The most important element of the Wastewater Gardens® system is its unique composition of plants including species which are decorative and adapted to local conditions as well. Because of that Wastewater Gardens® are an integral and decorative part of the landscape.
About the Ranch |  Sustainability

At the Eco-Frontiers Ranch we implement best practices to be environmentally friendly. We invite our guests to share our life-style with us.

Read below how we practice sustainability:

Construction and building materials

At the Eco-Frontiers Ranch all buildings are situated in the best possible location. They were planned and designed according to Feng Shui rules to match well with the landscape, to make the best use of sunlight and positive energy. Logs used for construction were cut in the wintertime before Christmas, when the moon shrinks and there is no juices in the wood, which makes it more resistant to fungi, insects, and physical strengths. No chemicals were use to impregnate wood. It is NATURALLY PURE.

All logs were cut to size on site with our sawmill, which allowed to fit one to another during construction, make best use of each single piece to avoid wasting material . All logs were transported using human power to the construction site and lifted up with simple tools and methods. Wooden logs are connected with special joints and wooden nails. Roof is covered by unique traditional wooden shingles, split by axe. Such shingles are more waterproof than the ones cut with saw. All carpentry work has been done by Hutsuls – Ukrainian mountain people, legendary carpenters.

All buildings are insulated with natural materials, no rockwool or polystyrene are used, dried moos and linen ropes are used for insulating spaces between logs. Recycled newspapers are used to insulate roof and ceilings, exclay (expanded-clay aggregate) insulates down floors from the ground.

Natural and earth-friendly interiors

You will enjoy beauty of pure, natural wood at the Eco Frontiers Ranch. We left it as it is, no paints, varnishes, fungicides, and other ‘protecting’ agents have been used inside and outside of the buildings.

Floors are made of solid 32 mm larch and fir boards, which are treated only with linen oil, no varnish have been used. All boards were cut to size onsite and match each other while being nailed down (no glue has been used). These floors just invite bare feet to walk…

Most of furniture is designed and made by ourselves. They are naturally simple and beautiful, made of the "leftover" wood using simple hand tools powered by renewable energy of wind and sun. They don't contain harmful chemicals that can harm you, they are really pure and you can see, feel and breath the difference. Each piece is different and individual, you will never ever find even similar one in a shop .

Not only furniture are designed and made at the Eco-Frontiers Ranch. You will be astounded with different smaller things like lamps, fireplaces, stairs, windowsills, mirror frames, bathroom utensils, etc. All of them use wood and other simple materials like bottles, flowerpots, chains, old beehive frames, jute ropes and textile. Our ‘organic’ beds are equipped with comfortable, healthy, and hygienic mattresses . They are so called pocketed coils mattresses, which are firm and allow for motion separation between the sides of the bed. You will just feel and sleep noticeable better in such bed, covered with fresh, air and sun dried cotton or linen bedclothes. You will enjoy sitting in front of uniquely designed fireplace covered with mixture of clay and straw decorated with natural motives of pine and juniper needles, grasses, and walnut shells. Big river stones sculptured by organisms billion years ago add a thrill to this place.

The Eco-Frontiers Ranch is totally off-grid. All energy is produced onsite by two windmills and photovoltaic panels, and accumulated in special batteries. Whole system has been designed and installed by us, and it has been evolving with trials and errors.

All electrical devices at the Eco-Frontiers Ranch use power which is produced by wind and/or by sun. Only during non favorable weather conditions we switch on the power bio-diesel generator. We use only energy-saving bulbs. We do not iron or mangle – all bedclothes are made of seersucker or linen. Laundry is dried naturally.


Whenever you stay at the Eco-Frontiers Ranch you can always feel comfortable also in terms of the temperature. During hot summer days you can find cool places to relax, inside the wooden buildings or sitting in the shade of birch on the terrace or cooling your feet in the beaver pond. There is always plenty of hot water under the shower, which is heated by sun through solar panels.

During winter time, there is always warm and cozy. The Main House is equipped with a wood gas oven, that heats water and distributes it to radiators and floor heating pipes. During chilly autumn days it is enough to make fire in 18 KW fireplace (see the Main Room) and warm comes immediately to you.

The stable house is heated by one beautiful fireplace (see Carpathian Suite) which distributes warm air through all rooms and heats the water during cloudy days. During sunny days, water is heated by solar panels. The upper floor room (see Hutsul Saddle) can be extra heated by nice, small wood stove.

Wastewater treatment, waste and rainwater management

There are two wastewater treatment plants – Wastewater Gardens at the Eco-Frontiers Ranch. One is purifying wastewater from the Main House, the second one treats sewage from the ‘human part’ of the Stable. Purified wastewater is distributed in the ground where fruit trees are planted. Each year we plant sunflowers in the wastewater gardens, then in the winter time sunflower seeds are given to the birds.

Horse urine is collected in a special tank and then use to fertilize meadows and pastures. Horse manure is gathered on a composting heap, which has been carefully sealed to prevent silage to the groundwater. After a year or two, fermented manure is used as a natural fertilizer in organic garden and orchard. It is also perfect fertilizer for all kinds of decorative plants and shrubs which grow at the Eco-Frontiers Ranch.

We do our best to minimize the amount of waste, we always buy in glass or paper whenever possible to reducing usage of plastic and non-returnable containers, we buy in bulk and do not provide our guests with products in use single-use packaging like soap, shampoo, sugar, coffee, butter, etc. We always take linen bag when shopping and use plastic bags more than once. Solid waste is separated into paper, plastic, metal, white and color glass. Organic waste is collected on a composting heap.

Rainwater collection systems have been built to make use of rainwater. The water is transported through gutters and other pipes into two ponds, where it is stored until needed for watering plants and trees. The ponds have become perfect habitat for frogs, toads and dragonflies, a drink bar for birds and dogs, beautiful place for people to seat and relax.

Nature protection

Amazing nature in all HER forms surrounds the Eco-Frontiers Ranch. See Wildlife to know more.

We do our best to encourage different bird species to stay with us. We do not mow the meadows earlier then mid July to allow ground nesting birds like partridge and meadow pipit to grow up their nestlings. Mowing is made from the centre to the outside of the meadow, in order to allow animals to leave safely. Only very late summer our horses are allowed to graze corncrake meadows, what prevent colonization by trees. We lifted up the sticks for birds of prey, comfortable nest for stork, we protect and support bird friendly plants like hawthorn (Crataegus), rowan (Sorbus aucuparia), dog rose (Rosa canina), blackthorn (Prunus spinosa), etc. In the winter time, bird tables are full of seeds (we grow sunflower seeds in the Wastewater Garden). See more about our Birds.

We designated 5 hectares of land to create private reserve, which protects valuable wetlands – habitat of wild orchids as well as dry meadows with juniper. Beaver family was released and created amazing beaver habitat and keeps water level high to protect wetland from drying out. Ten hectares of forest belongs to the Eco-Frontiers Ranch property. It is spruce forest with admixture of broadleaf species like birch, beech, willow, rowan, and many other. It has been left unmanaged to see how nature manages itself. And the results will leave you amazed...

Organic farming

The Eco Frontiers Ranch is surrounded by 40 hectares (ca. 100 acres) of meadows and pastures, which are managed in an environmentally friendly way. Since 2003 the farm is certified according to EU standards for organic farming and horse breeding. Every year compliance with the standards is verified by an independent certification body. There is 0.5 hectare (1.2 acres) of organic orchard with apple, plum, pear, cherry, sweet cherry, apricot and peach trees. The organic garden provides fresh vegetables and herbs.


We are proud to provide our guests exclusively with vegetarian food. We do not make any exemptions of that rule. We source most of the products locally wherever possible; we grow organic vegetables, herbs and fruits. Milk products come from local diary located in Sanok, which collects milk from local farmers. Seasonally we buy sheep and goat cheese from local shepherds. We try to make the best of what each season has to offer changing our menus accordingly. We make use of forest products like mushrooms and berries, pick up mint, wild thyme, juniper, rowan and hawthorn and use them as spices or ingredients for our home made wine and liquor. We prepare different kinds of preserves and pickles, which bring fresh summer scent during winter days. We bake our own bread, make own wine and liquors, brew our own beer...

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